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Above: Photographs of a sample of the 100 participants in the STA project 2014-17.

Performance / Acoustic Specialist Large Practice Associate Project Manager Small Scale Innovative Practice Owner Interior Design Architect Education Consultant Conservation Practice Director Community Engagement Armed Forces Practice Principal Large Practice Director PhD by Practice Leader Senior Director Housing Practice Large Practice Architect Architect Photographer Boutique Practice Owner Executive / Delivery Architect Paris Project Office Leader Civic Design Architect Working from Home Architect  High Profile Practice Associate Australia Client Side Architect Local & International Practice Founder Contactor-based Architect Entrepreneur Architect BIM Specialist Architect Technology Design Architect Medium Scale Practice Associate Critic and Author Community Action & Sustainability Researching the Profession Emergency Disaster Relief Coordinator Franchise Holder Executive Architect Architect & Project Manager Conservation Practice Architect Director Client Community Liaison Architect Think Tank Innovative Practice Leader Large Project Client Advisor Reclaim & Reuse Specialist Health Trust Property Department Leader Strategic Investment Architect Advisor Local Specialist Architect Small Rural Town Architect Contractor Design Manager Charity Organisation Architect  Practice Business Advisor Medium Scale Practice Associate Procurement Specialist Director Project Architect High End Award Winning Practice Owner Conservation Practice Director Construction Company Technical & Delivery Director Product Designer and Architect Medium Scale Practice Owner & Professor High Street Practice Owner Urban Design Specialist Medium Scale Practice Founder Rural High Profile Practice Owner Energy Conservation Advisor Rural Low Energy Practice Owner Architecture Centre Leader Practice Owner & Tutor Education Authority Chief Architect Conservation Project Architect Small Local Practice Owner Innovative Rural / Local Practice Owner Early career Project Architect  Researcher Teacher Retired Principal / Consultant Council Building Control Architect

Success Through Architecture

Exploring the role of the contemporary architect and how those passionate about architecture are inspired by it and help create it

What is Success through Architecture

This project commenced in 2014 and explores and communicates the many definitions and outcomes of success during the process of studying architecture and becoming and practising as a registered and chartered architect.

Why Success through Architecture?

There is no readily available source of information on how architects and graduates of architecture currently locate and operate within the industry and wider world.  This project started in 2014 with the aim to:

  • Research and present a wide variety of roles architects have within practice and in other areas of the industry
  • Undertake a series of interviews which will form a searchable database
  • Provide role models for architects and those in the process of becoming an architect
  • Help the RIBA develop their membership and support network for practice-based architects and those within the “extended profession”

Who leads Success Through Architecture?

STA is led by Alan Jones, Director of Alan Jones Architects and Dircetor of Education (Architecture) at Queen’s University Belfast.  Alan is a member of the RIBA Research and Innovation Group and RIBA National Council 2017-18 and is Vice President (Education) of the RIBA (2015-18) and member of RIBA Board 2015-18..  He is currently an external examiner at the University of Dundee  and University of Nottingham. His practice work has been featured in Domus, RIBAJ, Architects’ Journal, Blueprint, Architecture Today, the Sunday Times and a number of technical reference books.

What next for Success Through Architecture?

This is a holding web page for the project.  During the summer of 2018 a more comprehensive searchable website will be created.

Participants to date

If you know of a potential participant please email: alan@successthrougharchitecture.com with contact details.